Pouya Tafti, portrait, 2017

Pouya Tafti
IPA: /pujɒː tæfti/

PhD, BIG, EPFL, Switzerland
MASc, ECE, McMaster, Canada

email pouya [dot] tafti [at] a3 [dot] epfl [dot] ch
github github.com/pouyatafti
twitter @pouyatafti
old university page bigwww.epfl.ch/tafti
linkedin linkedin.com/in/pdtafti

serious stuff

I’m a director in Accenture’s European data practice. Before joining Accenture I used to work as the global data science lead for the Allianz group. Over the years, I have had different roles in consulting, the corporate world, the start-up scene, and academia, and have worked across different industries including insurance and financial services, manufacturing, pharma and life sciences, energy, and hi-tech.

I received my PhD in Computer, Communication, and Information Sciences from EPFL, Switzerland. While still in academia, I co-wrote a book on sparse stochastic processes published by Cambridge University Press, as well as a number of peer-reviewed publications in engineering, mathematics, and medicine.

topics: innovation (what to aim for & how to get there), data strategy, data architecture, data science, artificial intelligence & machine learning

less serious stuff (farewell card from my former team)

Pouya's farewell, 2018
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