Pouya Tafti, portrait, 2017

Pouya Tafti
IPA: /pujɒː tæfti/ (but who cares)

PhD, BIG, EPFL, Switzerland
MASc, ECE, McMaster, Canada

email pouya [dot] tafti [at] a3 [dot] epfl [dot] ch
src hg.sr.ht/~pdt
github.com/pouyatafti (retired)
bitbucket (retired)
old university page bigwww.epfl.ch/tafti

work history

academia > start-up > big business > consulting > big tech

topics: an unholy mix of engineering, software, maths, healthcare, business ‘strategy’, and organisations

more work history (farewell card from one of my former teams, circa 2017)

Pouya's farewell, 2018

ancient history

random processes, signal & image processing, numerical analysis, wavelets, fractals, optimisation, algebra, logic & probability, telecommunications, information theory, control theory, programming, medical imaging, health analytics

what I might have done in another life (i.e. occasional regrets)

algebraic probability, intuitionist inference, finitist foundations, medicine, writing my own OS, designing my own chips, or life on a farm

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