Pouya Tafti, portrait, 2017

Pouya Tafti
IPA: /pujɒː tæfti/

PhD, BIG, EPFL, Switzerland
MASc, ECE, McMaster, Canada

email pouya [dot] tafti [at] a3 [dot] epfl [dot] ch
keybase pdt
src hg.sr.ht/~pdt
github.com/pouyatafti (dormant)
bitbucket (dormant)
twitter @pouyatafti
mastodon @pouyatafti@mastodon.social (dormant)
blog blog.nohup.io (dormant)
old university page bigwww.epfl.ch/tafti
linkedin linkedin.com/in/pdtafti (dormant)

work history

academia > start-up > insurance > consulting > big tech

more work history (farewell card from one of my former teams, circa 2017)

Pouya's farewell, 2018

ancient history

random processes, signal & image processing, numerical analysis, wavelets, fractals, optimisation, algebra, logic & probability, telecommunications, information theory, control theory, programming, medical imaging, health analytics

what I might have done in another life (i.e. occasional regrets)

algebraic probability, intuitionist inference, finitist foundations, medicine, writing my own OS, designing my own chips, or life on a farm

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