Pouya Tafti, portrait, 2017

Pouya Tafti
IPA: /pujɒː tæfti/

PhD, BIG, EPFL, Switzerland
MASc, ECE, McMaster, Canada

email pouya [dot] tafti [at] a3 [dot] epfl [dot] ch
github github.com/pouyatafti
bitbucket non-public
mastodon @pouyatafti@mastodon.social
blog blog.nohup.io
old university page bigwww.epfl.ch/tafti
linkedin linkedin.com/in/pdtafti

serious stuff

I have worked in academia (where my adviser and I wrote a treatise on sparse stochastic processes), an early-stage start-up (where I led an early ML/AI product), the HQ of a large financial institution (where I built up the team and project pipeline around ML/AI, developed a few innovative services esp. in healthcare, and managed key accounts), and a large consulting firm (where I am currently a director in charge of building up a new innovation studio focused on data and AI).

It seems to be the nature of our times that everything showing a flicker of promise is immediately crowded and drowned in noise. As much as I can avoid it, I’m not intending to add to it.

less serious stuff (farewell card from my former team)

Pouya's farewell, 2018

ancient history

random processes, signal & image processing, splines & wavelets, optimisation, algebra, logic & probability, telecommunications, information theory, control, plain C

what I might have done in another life (i.e. occasional regrets)

algebraic probability, intuitionist inference, finitist foundations, medicine, writing my own OS, designing my own chips, or maybe leaving to live on a farm

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